Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Elephant Safari in Chaing Mai Thailand

We've been asked to post pictures of the elephant safari in Chaing Mai, Thailand, so here they are.
Marty and Karen pose on their elephant. Karen is wearing a native hill tribe hat that she bought at an elephant trail side stand.
Our traveling friends are enoying thier elephant ride.
And as you see, the elephants also put on a great show for us. One of them even paints pictures!
these are amazing creatures.
what you don't see here is the elephant "massage" that Karen had with an elephant actually patting her back with it's foot !!!!!!!!!!!

What a great experience!

Bahamas Fun !!!!!

Many of our clients ask us what there is to do in the Bahamas.
Here are a few ideas.
  • Shop at the world famous Straw Market!
  • Try your hand at parasailing over clear blue waters!
  • Snorkel with the jeweled toned fish!
  • Visit the incredible resort of Atlantis. Have a ball in their casino and marvel at their tropical fish tanks complete with sharks!
  • Or kick back at Senor Frogs and have a few drinks and party !!!!
No matter what you decide to do in the Bahamas its great fun !!!!!!!!!!