Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Cruise People Partner with Royal Caribbean on "Help for Haiti" cruises

The Cruise People have partnered today with Royal Caribbean on "Help for Haiti" cruises as part of their "We Care Cruise" series.

10 sailings have been designated throughout 2010 that the companies will donate anywhere from $50 to $100 per cabin sailed to Food For The Poor.

In addition, each of the sailings stops in Royal Caribbean's private port of Labadee, Haiti, giving passengers the opportunity to support all of the local vendors. Royal Caribbean is also donating 100% of it's net profits from Labadee to Haitian relief.

Karen Zients, President of The Cruise People said in a statement today that "People are going to take a vacation. Our "Help for Haiti" cruises gives them the chance to take that vacation and do something good at the same time. Nothing has been added to the rates. The client will have the same rate as other Royal Caribbean passengers.

This is a long term commitment on our part. In a few months Haiti will not be the headlines it is now. Relief funds will dwindle. This is an ongoing commitment on our part and I believe we will be continuing it well into 2011."

"These cruises can be booked by calling our corporate office at 800-642-2469 or any one of our affiliate travel agents around the country."

This is a list of the designated sailings.



3/27 - 777 -100

6/27 -1029 -100

8/22 - 824 - 100

11/28 (4 nt) - 304 - 50



4/11 - 755 - 100

5/9 - 655 - 100

7/11 - 1009 - 50

9/12 - 567 - 100

10/3 - 468 - 100



12/13(5 nt) - 409 - 50

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Royal Caribbean and their return to Labadee, Haiti

Our posts are normally very neutral and banal, but it's been boiling away all day as we read posts to other blogs about Royal Caribbean's return to their private area Labadee in Haiti.

Many of the cruise pundits that clog the net have been spouting off that it's immoral, inappropriate or down right wrong for Royal Caribbean to bring Pina Colada swigging cruise passengers to Labadee when people are suffering in the country.

Yes, there is massive suffering and destruction. But should that stop the humatarian aid being brought in through Labadee?

Does it mean that the 500 plus employees and vendors that rely on the income from Labadee not have any income and add to the island suffering?

Not have any funds to sustain themselves or help their family members in the affected areas?

If Royal Caribbean did not call on Labadee, what would happen to those 500+ people?

What would happen to their families?

No money to buy food?

No moneyto pay for shelter?

No money to buy their kids shoes?

No money to help their relatives in the earthquake damaged areas?

What about the idea of being abandoned by the company they depend on?

What about their pride in jobs well done?

What about the depression that not having an income could produce?

It will take years until Haiti is back to normal. Should Royal Caribbean put off calls to Labadee until everything is perfect in the earthquake area and the people in their section near Labadee are starving?

Any inhabitants of a disaster ravaged country need a hand. Royal Caribbean has had their hand extended for years in Haiti and is continuing to extend that hand, not only in the humanitarian aid pledged, but in the moral support of it's employees and vendors in Labadee.

Should these people be abandoned by the company they depend on?

Do these people realy care that Pina Colada swigging tourists are enjoying this beach paradise? You be they do! They want the tourist to enjoy their paradise and they want the tourist dollar.

Without the tourist dollar they will suffer even more. Should the tourist dollar go somewhere it is not needed as much?

Should Royal Caribbean send the ship to another port that is rife with tourists and their dollars?

Royal Caribbean is giving 100% of their net profits from Labadee to relief efforts in Haiti. So I say to every passenger, don't order that Pina Colada on the ship, order it in Labadee!

Go to the flea market and pay what the vendor is asking. Don't try to bargain them down to nothing as usual. In fact give them a dollar or two more.

This is responsible tourism when you support those that need it most.

This is responsible tourism when you don't abandon those that have come to depend on you.

This is responsible tourism when you enable local people to keep their jobs.

This is responsible tourism when you enable local people to feed their families.

This is responsible tourism when you enable local people to house their families.

This is responsible tourism when you enable local people to cloth their families.

This is responsible tourism when you enable local people to get medical care for their families.

This is responsible tourism when you enable the local people to keep their pride!

We support Royal Caribbean in their humanitarian efforts and their return to Labadee.

Our only wish is that our passengers will give that extra dollar for the wood carving they are buying. That dollar can feed a child for a week!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Royal Caribbean Provides Humanitarian Relief to Haiti

Royal Caribbean Cruises Provides Humanitarian Relief To Haiti After Earthquake January 15, 2010

Royal Caribbean Cruises, one of Haiti's largest foreign investors for almost 30 years, today announced its plans to provide at least $1 million in humanitarian relief to Haiti in response to the catastrophic earthquake in Port-Au-Prince. Royal Caribbean will be partnering with charitable organizations - such as Food for the Poor, Pan American Development Foundation, and the Solano Foundation, the company's foundation in Haiti - to provide additional assistance to the people of Haiti. Royal Caribbean will also be delivering much needed goods and supplies to Haiti via their cruise ships.

"The effect of the earthquake on Haiti has been catastrophic, leaving the country in need of not only immediate support, but assistance in their long-term recovery," said Richard D. Fain, chairman and chief executive officer, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. "Royal Caribbean wants to do its part to help out not only the general response, but also our hundreds of Haitian employees and their families through this disaster."

"In addition to our financial contribution, Royal Caribbean will continue to provide economic support through the continuous business we bring to Labadee," Fain added.

Leslie Voltaire, Special Envoy of the government of Haiti to the United Nations said, "Given the terrible economic and social challenges we now face in Haiti, we welcome the continuation of the positive economic benefits that the cruise ship calls to Labadee contribute to our country."

The benefits start with Royal Caribbean International's Independence of the Seas' call today to Labadee, Haiti, which includes much needed supplies for the country.

The supplies were loaded on the ship during its call in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and include items such as rice, dried beans, powdered milk, water and canned goods. In addition, 100 percent of the company's net revenue from the destination will be contributed to the relief effort.

In the next two weeks, the following ships are scheduled to call on Labadee with additional supplies: Navigator of the Seas on Monday, January 18; Liberty of the Seas on Tuesday, January 19; and Celebrity Solstice on Friday, January 22. When the supplies arrive in Labadee, they will be transported to an offsite location to be distributed by Food for the Poor, a long time partner of Royal Caribbean in Haiti.